Friday, 15 October 2010


'A Photo from the first show of Supersonic with Linda Lewis, David Essex, Gilbert O' Sullivan, Suzi Quatro and Alvin Stardust.

Introduced,Produced & Directed by Mike MansfieldLondon Weekend Television/ITV Network1st Series: 6th September 1975- April 19762nd Series: September 1976-2nd April 1977

'Supersonic' Began in September 1975 as part of 'Saturday Scene' hosted by Sally James (When it acted as an occasional substitute for Kid Jensen's 'Rock on With 45').It was launched in it's own right on 6th september.Supersonic was a studio full of explosions,dry ice and bubbles.Debut performers included Suzi Quatro,Gilbert O'Sullivan,Linda Lewis and David Essex,then at No1 in the Charts.
· The Show Tapped into a new style of pop broadcasting,against a tired looking Top of the Pops,but after little more than a year,ratings and distribution had dwindled.The Final series began in September 1976 ,by this time 'Supersonic' had been relegated to the Midday slot as part of the newly-merged children's programme,'Supersonic Saturday Scene'.The Final Edition went out at 11.00am on 2nd April that year.The Guest Line-up included:The Kinks,Elkie Brooks,Marc Bolan,who played out with 'Soul of my Suit' and 'Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller',joined by Ray Davies,Dave Edmunds,John Lodge and Alvin Stardust.