Monday, 25 October 2010

An Audience With Donny And Marie

Watched 'An audience with Donny and Marie' on Saturday night and it was absolutely brilliant! Gotta admit it was a great show!

And what a surprise Marie O was? My goodness, I never knew she was so funny. Who'd have thought it? To look at her you wouldn't think so. Both of them were funny, really great.

And it was really quite nostalgic to see them both back together doing a show on TV again. I remember watching 'The Donny and Marie Show' back in the 70's. It was a really good show actually. Now I will say that in the 70's I was not an Osmond fan, couldn't stand them actually. But, their show was good. Very entertaining. So on Saturday night it really took me back. I found myself singing along with 'Morning Side Of The Mountain' and 'Paper Roses' at one stage! Crumbs, never thought I'd see the day! Funny how songs that you loathed decades ago become strangely appealing as you get older and the 'nostalgia' gene starts to kick in! ("Cos he lived on the morning side of the mountain, and she lived on the twilight side of the hill.....") Aah.... The only disappointment was that they didn't sing 'Make the world go away'. Back in the 70's, that was the only Donny and Marie song I had thought was anywhere near half decent! I actually liked that one. (Would have never admitted it to anyone though!) But despite this minor area of 'deprivation', the show was great. It was a pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed it. And judging by all the beaming faces and the applause throughout, so did the studio audience!