Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Question On 'Yahoo Answers' About The BCR

Question - "Who were fans of the Bay city Rollers? Who were fans of the Rollers in the 70s and still likes them to this day? Also any one who wasn't around then do you have parents that like them or an aunt etc? Or even a friend who maybe older than you thanks? Also who didn't like them and their music and if someone reads this and it was before their time did they also have older relatives eg parents who didn't like them. And also like them as I mentioned at the start thanks.Was anyone of you a BCR fan in the 70's"? (End of quote from asker) Answer - "I was security at one of their concerts, the lead singer ( a right wanker) took a poke at one of the stage hands, he screamed like the big jessie that he was when the stagehand decked him, tosser !" (End of quote from answerer) No comment.


Leslie Mckeown - A Very Nasty Person And A Bully said...

Well done that stage hand!

Anonymous said...

Yes he is. Les was my favorite in the 70s until years later as an adult I met him and saw what he was really like.